LP GAS 1 accredited installers offer a range of servicing options for LPG systems. Servicing your LPG system is vital to maintaining its performance and durability. As with any fuel system (including petrol), your LPG system requires regular services. LP GAS 1 recommends that your vehicle/LPG system be serviced every 20,000km or 12 months (which ever comes first) to ensure that your vehicles safety and performance is maximised and that your warranty remains valid.

LPG Service

Some of the services we can offer are;

  • Electronic scope test of all ignition components where applicable.
  • Replace spark plugs and air filter if required.
  • Clean and service throttle body/carburettor throat.
  • Leak test entire LPG system.
  • Check and set ignition were applicable
  • Chassis dyno testing and calibration if required
  • Test LPG processor operation and control of power and economy modes.
  • Road test and check drivability on both fuels.


Any work being carried out on high pressure pipes and fittings must be carried out by an LPG accredited technician in an AAFRB registered workshop.